I came from Kenya to attend university here in United States to do Medicine but I was told about computer science and the Y2K that was going to come and if I majored in computer science I would have a job right after graduation. So I majored in computer science even though I had never seen a computer in my life before accepting to major in CS where I graduated with a B Sc. in computer science and in Digital electronics. After working as a programmer for several years at IBM, I decided to become a teacher where I have enjoyed teaching for the last 5 years. I teach IB computer science HL 1&2, IB computer science SL 1&2, computer science 1, AP computer science, computer science III, IB Information technology for a Global society HL 1&2, & SL1 &2, Project Lead the Way CSE, Dual Credit University of Texas CS302, and Independent studies in Computer Applications (These are many preps but the numbers do not allow for a new hire so I need to recruit more students so that my school can hire another teacher to help me). I have also sponsored several clubs in my school which include TAME-Texas Alliance of Minority Engineers, Skills USA, NTHS- National Technical Honor Society, Computer Science and Computer Applications UIL, all in hope of giving students a social interaction place in order to recruit more girls in computer science and engineering and an opportunity to see others like themselves when we go for competitions and best of all for students to have an opportunity to apply for scholarships . Last school year this worked because this year I have about 12 girls out of over hundred students taking computer science. My goal is to double this number next school year and maybe even start a trend of having an equal number of girls as boys in both engineering and computer science. During Hour of Code Last year I involved the ESL students in learning how to code and I am proud to see several girls will be joining computer science due to this effort. For these efforts I was awarded a grant from IBM worth $5000 in promoting more girls to computer science and I was also recently nominated and unanimously appointed to the boards of TAME and ACET- Association of Computer Educators of Texas. It is an honor to the representative of K-12 on these two boards and I am enjoying working with these groups in promoting computer science and engineering to K-12 schools of Texas. Last year and this year I was Awarded the NCWIT Educator Award 2015 & 2016 for Austin area, I have also enjoyed working with TACSE and Texas Computer Science Taskforce in promotion of CS and recruitment and training of new teachers as well as contracting with UTeach for the new UTeachCS principles course starting in the fall of 2016