Christopher Bell

Quick Bio

Hello, I'm Chris. I'm a senior math major at Texas State finishing up my minor in CS. I took a data mining course with Dr. Gao who welcomed me to REUIoT. My mathematical interests are in algebra and topology, and my computer science interests fall into machine learning and data analysis. I'm also interested in information science (specifically, classification of fields) and would like to do a project in the future about that.

My future interests are either to join the industry as a software developer, or, depending on how I feel about research, apply to get my MS in Computer Science and later apply to either a CS PhD program or Economics PhD program to apply the knowledge I learned in my master's. 

Day 1 (June 1st)

Today we had a few icebreakers and group talks about expectations for the semester and how everything will be run/administrative information. I'm excited to start working on things!