Hi, I'm Kaylin! I am a rising fourth year in a  5 year dual-degree program. I have spent the last 3 years majoring in Computer Science at Elon University, and will be attending Gonzaga University for the next 2 years to major in Computer Engineering. While at Elon, I minored in Mathematics and Political Science and was a member of Engineering Club and the Gaming and Computer Club. 

Through REU IoT, I hope to continue to grow as a programmer and get some research experience as I begin considering graduate schools.


Week 1

This week was an intro to the program. We got overviews of the projects that all of the mentors are working on and got to know the other people in the group. It has been a great week, and has been a great orientation. I have had several meetings with Dr. Podorozhny and Darryl, who I will be working with during the summer. I am excited narrow down our topic, decide exactly what we will be working on, and get started on our project :)

Week 2

This week has been off to a rough start with the power outage. We have lost nearly 2 days of work already. I have been doing a lot of reading on related research and the previous papers written by Dr. Podorozhny. Darryl and I have begun preparing for our first presentation, which will take place on Friday.

The presentation went well, and we officially have some goals from Dr. Podorozhny. Our main goals are to implement concurrency in methods that are currently synchronized, as well as clean up the code a little bit.

Week 3

Monday - Today I read through most of the code and deleted some frivolous variables and method calls. This not only makes the code more readable, but will also free up some space in memory as well.

 Week 5

I have gotten a little behind with keeping up with what has been going on. Since Week 3, I have rewritten the Merge Method to make it much more effienct and not take as much memory. We have had our 2nd presentation, which went very well and seem to be making progress. We are currently working on NEGOTIATE events. Right now, they are being received, the cost is calculated, and then they are never assigned to an agent and we aren't sure why. We are spending this week and next week working on debugging this problem.