I am a rising Junior Computer Engineering student currently attending the University of Texas at Austin. I'm looking to improve upon my programming abilities and see if graduate studies is something I want to pursue through the REU program at Texas State University.

Week 1

Met up with Dr. Guowei Yang and Jefferson Ridgeway discussing preliminary information regarding the testing and verification of mobile applications. So far, we are just reading up on research papers related to the topic and learning more about regression testing and Android applications. The first step is performing a bug study by gathering information in the Google Code repository on how changes during development lead to the creation of certain bugs.

Week 2

Continuing with the bug study and working on a presentation Jeff and I will give on Friday to the rest of the program. I have a general idea of the direction of the research, but not really sure how a lot of things are going to play out. Hopefully with more research that direction will become more well-defined as we clarify the problem statement.

Jeff and I prepared and gave a presentation about our research topic on Friday and it went pretty well.

Week 3

This week is not off to too great a start as I am kind of sick. Going to continue the bug study process and study up on Android application development.

Week 4

This week we are starting to get into the bug analysis part of our research. A lot of bugs that we found actually might not help so we might have to continue to look for more applications to increase the bug pool size of the bug study.

We visited the Southwest Research Institute on Tuesday and it was quite the experience. We got to see researchers in their labs give demos which was exciting to see what the knowledge pool we are building towards can accomplish.

In the bug analysis I am having a lot of difficulty finding the main causes of the bugs without a solid familiarity with the structure of how Android applications run through their code as I do not know where in the code the bug occurs if the program does not crash. Hopefully, I'll have more success in the coming days.

Week 5

We are trying to get more into the bug analysis, but it is hard due to various difficulties.

This week Jeff and I gave our second presentation to the rest of the group giving an update on our progress and then afterwards we hung out at a pool.

Week 6

This week we visited Emerson and learned about their involvement in various industries. I got to see their testing lab and see examples of regression testing put in practice there.

It was a bit harder to work this week as I had a lot of stomach pains. Also, Jeff and I have been hitting a wall in terms of searching for more bugs and analyzing the ones we have already found. It is kind of frustrating and demotivating. Hopefully we can make some progress soon.