My name is Steven Claggett. I am a senior at Texas State university. I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science as will as a minor in Applied Mathematics. My interests seem to always change with each passing trend and gadget, but some stay the same. Of course, keeping up with technology and its applications and building things (both software and hardware) are among my favorite hobbies. I also love music and play my piano nearly every day. I am also a part of EXE with the App Development team and love helping people learn about programming in that group – and helping people learn in general!


June 1st:

    We got a introduction to the CS department and a general overview of the REU program and scope. We had a talk from Dr. Michael Brodie about big data.


 June 2nd

    We had a very interesting panel on research ethics by Ms. O'Neil and various talks about machine learning.